ESX Agent Manager (EAM) Java API


EAM API is a little known but powerful management API from VMware. It's used to manage the Agent VMs that stick down with the ESXi it runs on. In some way, you can think an agent VM as a driver in an operating system. Although the vSphere API can manage agent VMs the same way as normal VM, the EAM offers higher level abstraction and simplifying the deployment across multiple hosts.

EAM Java API is Java API library that offers easy to use programming model. It leverages the same Web Service engine as in the vijavaNG that results in lightening speed and less than half memory usage.


  • High Level Abstraction
    Complete and easy object model are provided in EAM Java API around VMware EAM SOAP APIs.
  • Certificate Based Login
    It supports pass through of client certificates to vCenter for log in. This allows server extensions to log into vCenter without password after it's registered once.
  • Consulting and Support
    DoubleCloud offers consulting to get customers to get started. Ongoing support is also available.

Licenses & Prices

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