DoubleCloud ICE

Automating and Managing Your Clouds At Ease


DoubleCloud Interactive Cloud Environment (ICE) is a new generation of product that combines the best of command lines and GUI at cloud scale. It empowers system administrators, QA engineers, developers, devops, to simultaneously manage many servers with either secure shell terminals, VNC screens, check processes and file systems, or run scripts on massive servers with one click.

DoubleCloud ICE Screenshot

Features (may vary in different editions)

  • Managing unlimited vCenter servers, ESXi, or SSH servers
  • Cross platform support with Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris
  • Remotely manage ESXi hosts via SSH terminal
  • One click to access virtual machines and remotely manage them via SSH terminal, VNC console, listing all the process, and browsing guest OS file system
  • Easily arrange any number of ESXi window and VM windows in any way you want
  • Typing once and executing in multiple SSH terminals simultaneously with Command Wizard
  • Running scripts concurrently in any selected ESXi hosts or virtual machines from any container in inventory tree
  • Manage the power cycle of virtual machines with easy GUI interaction
  • Pre-set user and password with pattern matching policies therefore no need to type them again and again
  • Display key information of selected entity in the inventory tree
  • Seamless integration with vSphere Web Client


Differentiator Free Standard
Basic features Yes Yes
Number of SSH Terminals Up to 4 Unlimited
Advertisement Free No Yes
VNC Console No Yes
Automation Center Experimental Experimental

Licenses & Prices

License Type Price
Free Edition $0.00 Download
Standard Edition $99.00 Buy   Download